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    Position:> Home > PRODUCT
    4,4'-oxydibenzenesulfonyl hydrazide(OBSH)

    Appearance: white powder
    content :98%
    Decomp. Temp:158-164 oC
    Moisture:0.5% Max
    PH: 6-8
    Gas Delivered:125-140ml/g
    Package:25KG weave pocket
    The product can apply to natural rubber (e.g. EPDM, SBR, CR, FKM, IIR, NBR), synthetic rubber (e.g. PVC, PE, PS, ABS) and thermoplastic products. It's also used for making rubber-resin mixture.
    The product has fine insulativity and can be used for making wire and cable.In certain situations, it can be used as foaming agent as well as corss-lingking agent in curing mechanism
    .This product is the most commonly used foaming agent. It can play its role with other foaming agent. As its wide use, OBSH is also known as universal foaming agent.

    Contact:Mr. Yang Tel: +86-573-8369-3688 Mobile: +86-13505731674 Fax: +86-573-8369-3668
    Add.: C industrial park Jinxi Jiangxi E-mail:yxw183@vip.163.com
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